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We are ready to install and set everything up.  Our techs make sure everything is running smoothly and that you understand the equipment and how to operate before leaving.  When you're done, we pick everything up and get all equipment serviced and cleaned up so it is ready for you on the next one.


We have licensed electricians on staff so that we may help you in your electrical needs as well as your rentals.  From changing out ballasts, removing exit signs and unwanted light fixtures for filming shots, to getting an old building ready to film...we are here to help take away the stress and give you piece of mind.


Many productions and events like to take advantage of hiring a standby tech to be present during their rental period.  The standby tech makes sure that everything is running properly, can quickly troubleshoot any problems, or move equipment when needed.  


We like to take the surprise factor out of showing up the day of setup with equipment and not knowing that we have exactly what you need.  This is our expertise, not yours, so we are happy to come do a site visit ahead of time and talk you through your needs.  We do not oversell.  We try our best to make sure you have only what you need, and help you stay in your budget.  


Another service we can provide our customers is to pull electrical permits.  All you have to do is provide us with the address and dates, and we take care of all of the work for you.  


We are not strangers to the last minute phone call.  Advance notice is always appreciated, but we understand that things happen and plans change without warning.  We will do everything we can to get you what you need as quick as we possibly can.  

"You guys are the best. I don't think that I have worked with a better HVAC set supply Company anywhere in the continental USA in my twenty five years." Andrew Ullman (Location Manager "Tag", "Founder" and "Felt")

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